The photo shows a girl in a set of bondage collar with a leash and handcuffs

Collars & Leashes

Before using leather collars and leashes in the context of BDSM, it is important to consider several key aspects. First, it is important to remember that BDSM is a consensual game in which all actions must be based on mutual trust and respect between partners.

Therefore, before using leather collars and leashes, it is important to discuss them with your partner and obtain their consent to their use. It is also important to discuss each partner's limits and limitations and establish a safe word or gesture to use in case of discomfort, pain, or discomfort.

When all the preliminary steps have been taken, you can move on to the direct use of leather collars and leashes. It is important to remember that the collar should be securely attached to your partner's neck, but should not be stretched too tightly so as not to put unnecessary pressure on the throat or neck.

You should also pay attention to the choice of materials for leather collars and leashes. Poor quality materials can cause irritation or even injury to your partner's skin. Therefore, it is recommended to choose collars and leashes made of quality and safe materials.

In conclusion, it is important to understand that using leather collars and leashes in a BDSM context can be a fun and exciting experience for both partners. However, it is important to remember the basic rules of safety and to respect your partner's limits and desires. Be honest and open in your communication to make the experience as enjoyable and comfortable as possible for all involved.
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